I am often asked what distinguishes our dog training company from our competition. Because Bark Busters have been in business for 32+ years, we have field tested our behavioral methods with thousands of trainers around the world and over 1 million dogs trained successfully. We know our dog obedience and behavioral methods work. In fact, many times our trainers have been called after other methods failed.

I come to you.

I come into your home (aka the “den”) and train you and your dog. Why in home dog training? This is where your dog is most comfortable and relaxed and is free of the distractions that could pull his focus away. Some dogs are either naughty in group training classes and have been “expelled” or are as good as gold in a classroom environment but misbehave at home or outside. Home dog training is less stressful for your dog.

I use only positive methods.

I use dog-friendly, non-food based and non-physical methods (no shock collars or harsh methods ever!). The goal is for your dog to love and respect you, not fear you, control you, or create chaos in your home. You will see a major difference by the time I leave. Although it sounds unbelievable, you will begin to see immediate results. Many dog owners report our results as life changing in terms of changing their relationship with their dog. Bark Busters will teach you to have a loving relationship, one based on respect and trust. Look at the testimonials…

I genuinely want to help.

Yes, I run a business but do this job (which can be hard at times) becauseI want to prevent you from becoming frustrated and perhaps re-homing your dog. I will help you become the “leader of your pack” so that you can enjoy your dog and he/she will not have to spend its life being yelled at, penned up, left outside, or surrendered to a shelter. Only you can change your dog’s behavior. We will work together, and will talk to you about how your dog’s behavior can be changed, and show you what to do. However,

ONLY YOU can truly change your dog’s behavior!

After I leave, you must continue to practice the techniques for 20 – 30 minutes a day so that any changes are long lasting.